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Tuface Idibia Nigeria music

There is a lot of debate these days about which Nigerian songs ranks amongst the greatest of all time. The new breeds of Nigerian musicians, according to popular opinion, are not as good as the old ones. I tend to agree.  One thing I find missing in many of today’s Nigerian music is the apparent lack of a meaningful message.  They sing more about drugs, women, and sex. Most people generally concur that Old school Nigeria music where packed with meaningful messages.

Here is the list of  the 72 greatest Nigerian Music songs of all time. Let us know if we missed any?

1) Zombie – Fela Kuti
2). Water no Get Enemy – Fela Kuti
3) Mammy water – Sir victor Uwaifo
4) Guitar Boy – Sir Victor Uwaifo
5) Konko below – Lagbaja
6) African Style-  Bright Chimezie
7) Fire in soweto – Sonny Okosun
8) Papa’s Land – Sonny Okosun
9) Taxi driver – Bobby Benson
10)Joromi – Victor Uwaifo
11)Time na Money – Mike Okri
12)Lady – Fela Kuti
13) Omoge – Stella Monye
14) Ooye I Wish You Happy Birthday – Evi Edna Ogoli Okosi
15) Send down the Rain: Majek Fashek
16) Aparo – Tunji Oyelana
17) Peoples Club – Oliver De Coque
18) Ngozi – Felix Liberty
19) Whats gonna be gonna –  Bongos Ikwe
20) I love my country – Tunji Oyelana & Wole Soyinka
21) Osondi owendi – Osadebe
22)Mi sisi – Mike Okri
23) Sweet Mother – Prince Nico Mbarga
24) Baby Jowo – Dr Victor Olaiya
25) Eleda mi mo di e mu – Ik Dairo
26) Omoge mi – Mike Okri
27) Hit my Car – Ebenezer Obbey
28) My Car – Tony Tetuila
29)Beng Beng – Femi kuti
30)Love me jeje – Seyi Sodimu
31)Oruka – Sunny Neji
32)Ikebe – Sunny Neji
33)I need someone – Kris Okotie
34)Ma je ka ja – Tito
35)Motherland – Sound sultan
36)African Queen – Tu face
37) Orlando – Orlando Julius
38) Asiko – Tina
39) Diana – Daddy Showkey
40)Bolanle – Junior and Pretty
41)La la le friday – Wale Thompson
42) Iya mi – Christien essien Igbokwe
43)Olufunmi – Styl plus
44)Fire on the mountain – Asa
45)Girl of my dreams – Age Beeka
46)Ijo shina – Shina Peters
47)Africalypso – Lagbaja
48) Iyawo Asiko – Orlando Owoh
49)Coolu Temper – Lagbaja
50) One Love – Onyeka Owenu
51)Make Nigeria Better – KSA and Nigerian All stars
52) Iwaju lokan mi – KSA
53)Monica – Junior and Pretty
54) Rumba style – Ras Kimono
55) Heart of stone – Oritz Wiliki
56) Rosie – Blakky
57)Rooster crow at dawn – Bongo Sikwe
58)Biri ka’m biri – Oliver De Coque
59)Baby Kilode – Dizzy K Falola
60)Ziga ha ozi – Sunny Okosun
61)Under pressure – Ras Kimono
62)Wait for me – KSA & Onyeka Onwenu
63)Seun Rere – Christy Essien Igbokwe
64) Eddie Kwansa – Peacock Int’l Band
65) Rat Race – Mandators
66)Iya mi – Christie Essien Igbokwe
67)Iyawo Asiko – Orlando Owoh
68)Papa Bless Me – Isaac Black
69)Make You Dey Look Well –Edna Okoli
70)Stop the Fight – Edna Okoli
71)Osondi owendi – Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe
72)Omoge – Mike Okri
73)  Seun Rere- Christy Essien Igbokwe



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