Aug 292013

Stephanie Onyekachi Okereke  (born 2 October 1982)  is a Nigerian actress, film director and model.  Her Hubby was a year older and she threw a surprise birthday for her husband. What a lucky man!  Family, friends and her colleagues, including Uche Jombo and Kate Henshaw were at the party. Check out photos of  the surprise party below.  Stephanie has received several awards and nominations for her work as an actress, including the 2003 Reel Award for Best Actress, the 2006 Afro Hollywood Award for Best Actress, and three nominations for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2005. She was also the runner up for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant of 2002.

stephanie okereke stephanie okereke stephanie okereke stephanie okereke stephanie okereke stephanie okereke stephanie okereke stephanie okereke stephanie okereke

Aug 292013

mercy johnson mercy johnson

Mercy Johnson is a year older today. She has sent a message to all her fans.  Read message below…

Today, I thought of many things I would love to have as birthday gifts and the many dreams I am still pursuing. In all of this I’m not losing sight of the fact that if not for God I might have ended up on the street like the many kids and young adults begging for food and some prostituting to make ends meet. If we know the circumstances that force some of these people on the street, we would spare a thought for them. I am where I am today purely by the grace of God and the grace of people who believed in me from the word go.
Recently, I was at the Boys Reform Home, Oregun, Lagos, the discussion I had with the principal Mr. Kotun and much later with the Special Adviser in charge of allremand homes in Lagos set me thinking about the boys and girls on the street. They have dreams too. Can they fulfill those dreams on the street? The answer will likely be no; because I won’t be where I am today if I ended up on the street.

For this reason, Mercy Johnson Foundation will be doing a lot to get kids off the street. We are not asking people for money or donation, I will do all I can with the resources God has given me, and with the support of my husband to help get these kids off the street and set them on the path where they can begin to pursue their dreams. I want to plead with people, fans, friends and colleagues to spare a thought for the children on the street. We can begin by educating people around us, parents, the children and people in charge of children (Oga-house help relationship, teacher-student relationship, and others) on the need to treat every child like the future of Nigeria depends on it. And truth be told, our future will not be all that enjoyable if we let the scourge of ‘street-children’ fester. By then, the rich will begin to cry.  I learnt Lagos State Government has 11 homes where most children picked from the streets are kept, reformed and reunited with their families after counseling.

That is an initiative Mercy Johnson Foundation will be supporting and beyond that we will be going to different states to help spread the message-Get kids off the street, save the future. From tomorrow, I will begin to replay some of the lessons I learnt at the boys’ reform home and we all can contribute to getting the kids off the street.

I am grateful to everyone that has sent in a birthday message, tweet and gifts. Thank you and God bless you.

Mercy Johnson Okojie

Aug 272013

terry g

Nigerian artiste, Terry G, was the gem of   this week’s Industry NiteThe Intellectual Madman  thrilled fans by performing some of his hit singles like “Free Madness”“God Guide Me” and the more recent hit “See Groove”. Terry G, aka Swagger d Swagger , was dressed in a corporate style. Watch video below:


Aug 272013

iyanya 12

Iyanya is making money nowadays. Congrats to the kukere crooner.  First MTN, now Zinox Group. The Kukere crooner yesterday signed a $350, 000  one year endorsement deal with Zinox Computers. Zinox computers, which is Nigeria’s first certified branded computers, will upload all Iyanya’s songs and videos to all their computers. Iyanya will also do a song for them and appear on Zinox billboards and TV commercials.

Iyanya got some of the endorsement deal money in cash yesterday and displayed it on his Instagram page. See Iyanya and his money below

iyanya 13


Aug 272013


ice prince bentley ice prince

Nigerian rapper Ice Prince has acquired a N36 million Naira Bentley GT Coupe.  See photo above. The car, which is a 2010 model, was not shipped but flown into the country. It landed in Nigeria just yesterday and  it cost another N4m to fly the car into the country. Big congrats to Ice Prince. The rapper who recently won the  2013 BET  Best International Act award is set to release a his next album titled the Fire of Zamani.

Nigerian rapper are balling right now. Ice prince’s mentor and friend, M.I, tweeted a congratulatory message to Ice prince for his new fantasy car.  M.I also drives a Bentley. See tweet below.  Ice Prince  has joined other Bentley owners in Nigeria.

m. i tweets

Aug 272013


A teenager named Daniel Ikehina unbelievably beat airline and airport security at the Benin airport on Saturday August 24th. The boy who sneaked into the tyre compartment of a Lagos-bound Arik flight  flew safely with the aircraft which left Benin around 9am and landed at Murtala Muhammed airport, hidden throughout in the undercarriage.  The 14 year old boy thought he was on his way to the US. He was immediately arrested by airport security after passengers saw him emerging from the aircraft tyre hole.

Sources at Benin Airport said Daniel Ikehina ran away from home because he was being maltreated and was trying to escape from his parents when he joined the Arik flight. Unfortunately for him the plane wasn’t flying to the US, it was flying to Lagos where the stowaway was immediately arrested as he alighted from the wheel well of the aircraft. Daniel is presently in the custody of the State Security Service (SSS) who are trying to unravel how he managed to pull off such a stunt.

Arik spokesman Banji Ola explains what happened:

The management of Arik Air has expressed shock over the incident wondering how the teenager beat the Aviation Security personnel at the Benin Airport to get to the runway.
The pilot of Arik Air flight W3 544, departing Benin Airport for Lagos at 9.00am  24th August, 2013 reported to the control tower the presence of a strange boy in the bush about 300 meters at the end of runway 23.
The control tower told the Captain that they were sending security men to the place to arrest the boy. As the captain was making his final turn, preparatory for take-off, a cabin crew called his attention to the information by some of the passengers that they saw a boy running towards the airplane. The First Officer confirmed that they had observed it earlier and alerted the control tower which responded that they have sent the patrol team to arrest the boy.  The Captain again reported to the control tower and was informed that the situation was under control and that he had been cleared for take-off.

On arrival at the domestic wing of MMA, Lagos, a teenage boy, who apparently had sneaked into the aircraft main wheel well jumped out and was arrested by Arik personnel and handed over to FAAN security.

Aug 262013

J Martins

J.martins in a recent interview on Hot Fm 98.3 Abuja reacted to Wizkid’s outburst after he (Wizkid) was told by a fan he needed to go back to school for his poor use of tenses. Wizkid had lashed back calling the writer a ‘broke fan’

Martins on the show said ‘I’m not taking any side, don’t mean no beef, no disrespect, and no hate but let the truth be told. I don’t believe because you feel you have a few change you didn’t have a few years ago and which you cannot guarantee having in a few years to come then you wake up and look at those people who have cheered you up, loved you, supported your music, bought your CD’s, prayed for you, just because you can lay your hands on some phone and you call them ‘poor’. Am not in and will never be in support of anyone who has such bad attitude.

“It needs to be corrected, we owe our fans the duty of being good examples that’s why they hold us in high esteem, that’s why you are a role model and if you know you cannot be a good role model you have no business in Music. You don’t know if it’s that person that might help you tomorrow, whoever does that should be checked.

“You have to decide why you are in the music industry. If you know you cannot be a role model then you have no business being there”

Wizkid had written “Broke people always think they have an opinion” to a fan on his instagram page, after erroneously typing ‘i have an hangover’ just as he was about to perform at a wedding ceremony, leading to this fan to reply ‘you see why you have to go back to school’

Wizkid had been immediately immersed in retaliatory tweets from angry fans as soon the instagram exchange went viral. J.Martins is the first celebrity to make his comments on the issue.

Culled from Vanguard.

J. Martins has responded to the article via twitter. See it below.

J martins blast wizkid



Aug 262013


Wizkid is certainly one of Nigerians most famous artiste in recent times.  He performed several months ago in London and the reception he got from the crowd was immense.  Check out his interview with Media Spotlight UK during this Summer’s Yahoo Wireless Festival 2013 in London. Wizzy Star boy is certainly making his mark both home and abroad. At the rate he is going, he will soon become Nigeria’s most loved musician.



Wizkid – Jaiye Jaiye


Wizkid –Wizkid – Tease Me / Back To The Matter

Aug 262013

vast bracket

Vast , a member of the group popularly known as Bracket, has revealed in an interview with  how he survived Lymphoma, a type of cancer of the blood.  Here are excerpts of the interview:

What kind of cancer did you have?

I had Lymphoma. It is a blood cancer. When I asked the doctor what could the cancer of the blood, he said, nobody knows the cause for now. According to him, it’s  like a situation where  a dark complexion couple  making a baby and the baby turns out to be an albino and if you are asked to explain why, you cannot tell.

I must say that when I was hospitalised, my partner was doing a good job. He would call the producer and they would make a beat and send it to me. He even made the chorus. I picked one of the songs when I came back and hit the studio. We did one of the tracks, it was fantastic. We did another song and it was good as well, all within two days.

During the seven months of your ordeal, what kept you going?

What kept me going was God. Before I went for the treatment,  I saw myself dying slowly. We got the visa and contacted the Medical Doctor that attended to us. It was no doubt the handiwork of God. This doctor handles only cancer related cases.My family, my manager, partner and CEO were there for me. We travelled together. They made sure I was well taken care of, while my ordeal lasted.

Interestingly,  when the picture I took while in the hospital leaked, I was reading the outpour of love, prayers and soothing words from my fans. Some of them even said, they would die if I die. Then the press guys were there for me. They  were  keeping tabs of my progress and informing my fans duly.  All of these,  did a whole lot in keeping me going. That’s why I got the courage and I know that it has always been God, my family, the media and my fans.

What have you learnt from your experience?

I learnt that life is very precious. No matter what you do and wherever you are, don’t look down on anybody because you don’t know who will help you tomorrow. Another thing is that you don’t have to be scared of death. You have to face the challenge. Live a normal life. If you are scared of death, you will die. At a point, when I got very scared,  the sickness came in full force, but when I started picking courage, it subsided and I recovered.

Aug 232013

Nigerian music producer OJB has been sick for quite some time now.  Most music fans are familiar with the story. He will leave for India today August 23rd 2013 to undergo an operation.  see Pic  below taken  today at the airport. OJB’s  wife and children will be going with him to India. Please let us  pray for him as he undergoes a kidney transplant in a hospital in India.

ojb leaves for india

Aug 232013

naeto C

Naeto C, the only Nigerian MC with an MSC, is working on a new album.  He made this know after his recent stage performance on the Glo X Factor results show. Naeto C performed one of his hit songs titled “I gentle o” before the excited audience of X Factor. He explained he’s been working on his new album that will drop very soon. I guess his fans can’t wait.

Naetochukwu Chikwe (born 17 December 1982), stage name Naeto C, is a Nigerian rapper, Afrobeat artist and record producer. He was born in Houston, Texas and is of Nigerian origin.