Aug 222012

It is so easy to give up, especially when nothing seems to be working for us. Hold on a little longer because every dark cloud has a silver lining. We err and make mistakes because we are human, but we must remain strong and never give up

Recently I found a video on YouTube about Derek Redmond who was favoured to win the gold medal in the 400m sprint in the Barcelona 1992 Olympic games. Unfortunately this never happened as he suffered from a torn hamstring 150 meters before he could reach the finish line. Please watch the video below of  a man who story continues to touched millions of people around the world


Two years after the incident Mr Hammond was told by a surgeon that he would never run again or represent his country in sport. However, he remained undeterred and turned his attention to other sports he enjoyed. After trials at several basketball clubs, he eventually secured a place on the Great Britain national Basketball team. Today, He is a motivational speaker and continues to tell his story around the world.

Indeed tough times never last but tough people do!

Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind person to climb Mount Everest, wrote in an essay that Oscar Pistorius was “on the cusp of a paradigm shift in which disability becomes ability, disadvantage becomes advantage. Yet we mustn’t lose sight of what makes an athlete great. It’s too easy to credit Pistorius’ success to technology. Through birth or circumstance, some are given certain gifts, but it’s what one does with those gifts, the hours devoted to training, the desire to be the best, that is at the true heart of a champion.





Oscar pistorius at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics in Daegu, South Korea

Source: Wikipedia.



Aug 222012

We know its OK to play Christian music, but what about the christian who sings and listens to secular music? Is it okay?

The Argument

A Pastor once said ”All christian should play and listen to only “Christian” music.

Another one disagreed and said ”  I know  secular musicians who are Christians”.

I’ve heard others argue that there’s no such thing as a right or wrong answer.

The latest comment I’ve received was from a guy who writes secular music. He said ” I write secular music in order to reach the lost for Christ. It’s not about the style but the lyrics. You know this how I get my daily bread” he says.

To confuse matters even more, Many Christians who attend church today are lovers of secular music. They play it in their bedrooms EVERYDAY and on big occasions, such as weddings and birthdays anniversaries.

The Tension

Should Christians truly listen to secular music?

I believe Christians should stand for what they believe. Your comments on this will be highly appreciated as many Christian are confused about this question. Some would argue that there is nothing inherently wrong with any particular style of music as It is the lyrics that determines whether a song is “acceptable” or not for a christian to listen to.  But what do you think?

Should Christians write or listen to secular music? Please enjoy the  parody below and share your thoughts.


Aug 212012


One of the hottest and most anticipated remix has just dropped. You heard it here first! It is the Remix of Iyanya’s monster hit song ”Kukere”. When MTN Project Fame West Africa season 1 winner – Iyanya, released Kukere in March 2012, it quickly became an anthem among lovers of Nigerian music.

Now  D’banj– the KoKo Master as he is famously called,  has joined Iyanya for the remix of Kukere. Enjoy the  beat and leave your comment below.

Aug 212012

It is disgraceful  that Nigeria, a country of 150 million people, could not win a single Medal in the just concluded Olympic games in London. It is even more disappointing when you consider that  Grenada, a tiny Caribbean nation   of 104 thousand people, won a gold medal.

When Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi ,  the Honourable  Minister of sports and Chairman National Sports Commission ( NSC ), was asked for comments, he could not hide his disappointment.

“I must say this is as disappointing for my team and myself as it is for all Nigerians everywhere. But even as painful as this disappointment is, we must have the courage Continue reading »

Aug 212012

Do you remember ”Top Gun’ starring Tom Cruise?  The director of the prominent Hollywood film has committed suicide. A witness saw Scott, 68,  jump into the water from a bridge in LA, according to Lieutenant Joseph Bale of the city coroner’s office.

Authorities recovered  his body from the waters at approximately 3:00 pm (2200 GMT), four hours after he jumped, and turned it over to coroner officials, Bale said.

Investigators found a suicide note in his office, the Los Angeles Times reported. Its contents have not been revealed.  Scott was married to his third wife, actress Donna Scott.

The couple had twin sons.

Aug 202012

Madonna sued in Russia

MOSCOW (AP) — Nine Russian activists have sued Madonna for millions of dollars, claiming they were offended by her support for gay rights during a recent concert in St. Petersburg.

Russian news agencies quote Alexander Pochuyev, a lawyer representing the nine activists, as saying the suit was filed Friday against Madonna, the organizer of her concert, and the hall where it was held, asking for damages totaling  $10.5 million.

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Aug 202012
Nigerian students in the Ukraine have been protesting  the arrest of one Mr Olaolu Sunki Femi , a  Nigerian student based in the Ukraine. Olaolu Femi is facing life in prison for attempted murder. But  according to eye witnesses Olaolu acted in self defense.
                                                                                                               Olaolu Femi

African outlook reported that the Nigerian identified as Olaolu Sunkanmi Femi and one of his friends were physically attacked in front of his apartment by four Ukrainian young men and two women who pulled them to the ground while hurling racist slurs on them.

According to eye witness account, Sunkanmi was said to have managed to get up and defended himself against the assailants with a glass from a broken bottle.

“It was while he was defending himself that police arrived at the scene and the Nigerian was subsequently arrested and charged with attempted murder of five people” a Nigerian embassy staff who has knowledge of the case told African Outlook, adding that the victim thus became an accused in a case which has become a celebrated case in Ukraine.

African Outlook gathered that Olasunkanmi has since been remanded in detention by the Ukrainian police who refused to take the case to court citing unavailability of the police to get an interpreter for him.

But the Nigerian students’ community in Ukraine under the leadership of Osarumen David-Izevbokun, a Phd student in international relations has been working tirelessly to ensure justice for the Nigerian by organizing protests as well as drawing the attentions of the human right groups in Ukraine to the plight of Olasunkanmi who has spent almost seven months in jail without trial.

David-Izevbokun told African Outlook that he alongside other Nigerian students in conjunctions with some members of the Ukrainian human right groups staged a protest on April, 9 outside the Leninsky District Court in Luhanski demanding the release of Olasunkanmi.

The actions, according to David-Izevbokun has put the Ukraine police on the spot as the case came up for hearing on May 3. “We had a lot of media coverage on the protest ” David-Izevbokun said, noting that he was sure the attention given the case may have prompted the May 3 court appearance of the suspect.

David-Izevbokun who was at the May 3, court hearing told African Outlook that Olasunkanmi appeared depressed when he showed up in court.

Many other Nigerian students spoken to by African Outlook however raised concern about the competence of the female lawyer: Ludmila Havrysh handling Olasunkanmi’s case.

The Ukrainian lawyer was reported to have told protesters that her client has not been able to read the file material since it is all written in Ukrainian or Russian which he doesn’t understand and that was why her client had remained in jail.

“We heard she wanted to be paid $10,000 when she had not even been able to secure bail for her client who has been in detention for more than six months” an irate Nigerian told African Outlook wondering whether the lawyer was capable of defending Olasunkanmi.

Another source also told African Outlook that one of the attackers’s family who has a connection with the Ukrainian police may have been the reason why the Nigerian student was being detained without trial.

“They went to the hospital and documents were secured for infliction of wounds. I learnt that one of the supposed victim (Ukrainian) has a police relative or parent, and so vowed to deal ruthlessly with Olasunkanmi” a Nigerian student quoted one narrator as saying while lamenting that the Nigerian embassy’s representative came to visit Olasunkanmi in jail once but did not return again after the first visit.

But an embassy spokesperson who pleaded anonymity (because he is not authorized to comment on the case) told African Outlook that the Nigerian consulate had not abandoned the Nigerian to his fate “We are in torch with the Ukrainian authority and we have been doing everything to ensure the boy is released unconditionally using diplomatic channel” he said, adding that the Olasunkanmi was being charged for attempted murder, an offense which under Ukrainian law is not bailable.

“There are ways in which we handle cases like this so that we would not appear to be hostile or criticizing our host countries’ laws” the embassy staff said while assuring that he was confident Olasunkanmi would be released soon.

When asked if the embassy has been able to secure the service of an attorney for the Nigerian student, the embassy staff said: “It is not within our mandate to pay for attorney’s fees for any Nigerian in distress, you may check this out with other Nigerian embassies abroad, but we have been working with the Nigerian community leaders here to ensure that we do everything within our means to help Olasunkanmi in time of his need” the staff added hinting that the representative of the embassy was at the May 3 hearing.

In a related development African Outlook gathered that a 28-year-old Nigerian student of Kharkiv National Radio Electronic University is in intensive care unit with knife injuries to his neck following an attack on him by people believed to be racists.

Another 19-year-old Nigerian student from the Poltava Agrarian Academy is also lying critically ill in the Ukrainian hospital following knife injury inflicted on him by yet to be identified persons.

African Outlook gathered that the two Nigerian students were attacked late in the evenings by assailants who fled the scene immediately after the attacks.

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Ukraine are treating both cases as attempted murder motivated by racial intolerance.

Speaking on the two recent attacks, the Nigerian embassy said they were yet to be briefed on the case.

Nigerian students in Ukraine have now created a Facebook page where people can show  their support.  Please see  pictures below of protests by the Nigerian students Community for Olaolu  to be released



Aug 202012

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, also known as Sasha Fierce, launched new video for her  single “I Was Here,” filmed in New York’s U.N. General Assembly. The location and the song were chosen in honour of World Humanitarian Day, Aug. 19. The music star who on January 31, 2010, won six Grammy awards, setting the record for most Grammy awards ever won ever won by a female artist in one night, wants everyone to show care towards one another.

She said ‘’ We all have our purpose, and we all have our strengths…it feels so wonderful to do something for

someone else. And I think for the U.N. to want to include the whole world was something important, and I feel like that’s what I represent.”
Beyoncé previously said about the charitable event: “We all see the headlines and we think what I can really do to help? World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity for all of us to work together to make a difference. This is our time to leave our mark on the world and show that we were here and we care.”

check out the video below.

Aug 202012

Terry G, the Intellectual Madman,  has recently dropped another single titled  “Club Is Calling”.  While we await the release of the videos for  “So High” & “See Groove” [Terry’s recent hit singles], the master of Nigeria Dance Hall train has dropped another party banger!. The Akpako Master is truly in a world of his own! Please enjoy the joint and let us know what you think. Free me Now.

If you haven’t heard Terry G’s singles ”So High” and ”See Groove- part 2”, please listen below and download

Aug 202012


Lagos – Unbeknownst to many Nigerians, international fashion designer, Mr Tommy Hilfiger, recently visited Nigeria on a fact finding mission, but returned to America crying.

Sources reveal that Mr Hilfiger’s company had not paid Nigeria much notice in the past, but when a lot of Nigerians began to ‘like’ the brand’s Facebook fan page, someone within the company wrote a memo questioning the rationale behind ignoring a nation of 150,000,000 Africans, and many, many, rich yahoo-yahoo boys with a penchant for designer clothing.

Thus the stage was set for the American clothier to embark on a secret tour of Nigeria.

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Aug 202012

Sometimes you feel a certain nostalgia when you hear old school jams. They fill you with an ineffable energy that reminds you of some lovely days now gone. This begs the question of which era is better? Old school or New School jams? Check out the two joint below. Who wins for you?

9ice- Gongo Aso

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Blackky – Rosie

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.









Aug 202012

Nigeria’s favourite R&B group is back with a bang! The track titled ”Alive” is certainly  one that will make you put on your dancing shoes on. The beats and sounds are unmistakably styl-plus!

After watching the video, I felt it was dope and was glad styl-plus are back. I wasn’t really feeling the rap lines by sunny. Or maybe its just me. Please Leave your comments below.


Aug 202012

Rick Ross delivered a monster performance at the Expo Hall of the Eko Hotel Suites where he performed his hit songs on Friday night, August 17, 2012. His performance left the audience wanting more. Nigerian pop stars, Flavour and Terry G were among the musicians that performed on the Night. Watch the BO$$ performance below.


The Maybach Music Group boss also visited the streets of Obalende, specifically Sura market area, where he filmed the Nigerian version of his single ‘Hold me back‘. ‘Hold me back’ is a single off Rozay’s recently released fifth album ‘God Forgives, I Don’t‘. The original black and white video( see below)  which was shot in New Orleans’ Calliope Housing Projects, has sparked a considerable amount of controversy over its raw street imagery. Considering that a  ban was put on the video by BET, it would be intresting to see what the Nigerian version would be like.


Apparently, Mr Ross also went on to say in twitter that he wants some of Nigeria oil money!

Aug 202012

Rihanna, the 24 year old six times Grammy award winner, has admitted in a candid interview with Oprah Winfrey on her TV show that  she still loves ex-boyfriend Chris Brown three years after their violent relationship.After re-counting the events of where and how their relationship went wrong, a tearful and emotional Rihanna said to the TV host  ” ‘I think he is the love of my life. He was my first love.’

The singer admitted that they have been working on their friendship again since February 2011when the court  restraining order was dropped against Chris Brown in February 2011.

‘I have to move on,’ she said. ‘I have forgiven him. It took me a long time. I was angry for a long time.’

But that reconciliation comes with the desire to know her ex has also healed since their breakup.

‘I truly love him, so the main thing for me is that he’s at peace… I care. It actually matters [to me] that he finds that peace,’ she said.

So what do you guys think? Show  they come together again? please watch an excerpt of the interview below that was aired on the OWN network, Courtesy of TMZ.