Aug 242012

I don’t know if you guys have heard about the story of the young beautiful girl who was allegedly murdered by the new friends she met on Facebook. The young beautiful girl was a clothing retailer based in Abuja and a post graduate student of Nassarawa state university. She had been chatting with some new ‘friends’ on Facebook for a few oaths and they developed a level of trust. The young men also university students, offered to host Cynthia when she came to Lagos.

The 24-year-old, who was picked up from the lagos airport by her new friends, was driven to a hotel in Festac. At the hotel, they tied her up, robbed her of all the money she brought to shop for her boutique and strangled her to death. They then left the hotel and quickly deleted her from their facebook friend list to remove any trace of their connection.
The hotel found her body and since her ID cards and mobile phone had been stolen, they could not identify her or call friends and family

Via Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), the killers were identified. According to reports, these two young men are university students who have now confessed that they killed Cynthia and she is their sixth victim – the gang reportedly specializes in luring unsuspecting young women, robbing them of their possessions before killing them. Please see video footage below. Though there is speculation that their motive was ritualistic, it appears that it was greed and their main goal was to rob and kill. The pharmacist who supplied the drugs used on Cynthia and hotel staff have also been arrested. According to Police spokesperson Ngozi Braide, “Six people were arrested on Sunday over the incident and investigations are ongoing”.

Cynthia is just one of the many unlucky people who have met an untimely death from social networking sites. Nigerians should be more careful and avoid meeting   “NEW” friends with unknown backgrounds  from these sites without informing friends and family, or in secluded places.

May God guide our steps from moving into the wrong circles.


How heartless can people be. May her soul rest in peace.


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  3 Responses to “Breaking News: Army General’s Daughter Murdered by friends she met on Facebook”

  1. What is the world turning into!

  2. everyone needs to read this

  3. How mean can people be

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