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dr sid

Sidney Esiri ( popularly known as Dr Sid)  was born on May 1,  1980 in Ikeja, Lagos state, Nigeria.  He was  thrust into a life in entertainment before he could even speak. His mother was a renowned fashion designer and his dad, Justus Esiri, is a legendary stage and screen actor most famous for his role as the eponymous Village Headmaster series.

Sid though born in Lagos hails from Delta state and set out for a career in the medical field at University of Ibadan. However in between laboratory sessions at university, the multi faceted student could be found taking part in plays, dance competitions and musical concerts. The awards came thick and fast even back then and people started to take notice. His first chance came in 1999 when he began working as a choreographer for the very popular rap group – Trybesmen. It was not long before Dr. Sid’s performing talents became impossible to ignore. In 2002, Sid became a fully fledged member of Da Trybe, a group which blazed a trail for Nigerian hip hop. In 2003 he released his first single “Don’t Stop” which charted for months and had a number 1 video on the MBI top ten for 8 weeks.

The enigmatic artist somehow found the time to qualify as a Dentist in 2004 and thus Dr.SID was born. He moved to London shortly after where he started recording with the likes of JJC & The 419 squad, KAS, R70 and and a hitherto unknown D’Banj. It was during his time in London that an impressed Don Jazzy noted his incredible talents on the microphone. A lifetime friendship was sealed and Dr. Sid became one of the first acts signed to Mo’Hits.

Dr SID featured on a number of tracks by the Mo’Hits All-Stars, appearing in the videos for ‘Kpere’, ‘Booty Call’,’Move Your Body’ and ‘Close to You.’ The clamour for his own solo album grew quickly and Dr SID finally appeased his fans with 2010’s Turning Point. A debut single that he released in 2009, “Something About You,” was one of the most played songs on the radio that year. The first single from the Turning Point album, ‘Over The Moon’, also went on to be a regular club banger and stayed at No.1 on the charts for several weeks.

Dr SID has performed in numerous concerts and shows including MTV Africa Music awards, ThisDay music festival, Star Mega Jam and countless others. The awards have started stacking up nicely including two in the 2011 Hip Hop World ceremony for Best Pop and Revelation of the Year. On Solar Plexus Dr. SID already has fans bopping their heads with “Chocolate,” “Yolo,” and “CPR.”

Dr SID  is currently signed to Mavin Records.



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