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DURELLA Nigeria musician


Nigerian Musician Oluwadamilare , popularly known as Durella, is a Nigerian musician , song writer and Hip hop artists.

The boy born in the zanga, brought up in the lungu, hustled on the streets and now rightly crowned the King of The Zanga, Durella remains the enigma turning the world into his fan base.
Durella was born to Mr and Mrs Okulaja, who named him Oluwadamilare (the Lord as rewarded me). Going to secondary school in Lagos, brought the love of music out in Durella. With performances at schools events leading to a loyal following of adoring fans in and around his school, Durella knew then that performing as an artiste was what he wanted to do.

Musical Influences

Durella  influenced by the great RnB groups of the 90s and regularly sang the ballads that made girls weak at the knees. This brought to him an understanding of the power of lyrics, while developing his own unique style of writing, Durella discovered and fell in love with B.I.G. The album “ready to die” became his must play.

In February 2006, at a chanced meeting in the town of Ibadan, Durella met executives from TcRecords while performing at a fashion show. He was signed a week later.
Durella’s first Album “King of the Zanga” was released in November 08, 2008. In the album were great hits like “In the Zanga”, “SHAYO”, “Gunner’s Anthem”, “Queen of My Zanga” and “Wiskolo Wiska”.


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