Erigga New money, Nigeria Musician/rapper


Who  is Erigga New Money?

Erhiga Agarivbie , 23 year old, popularly known as Erigga New Money is a Nigerian Musician/ rapper from Warri ,Delta state. His journey in to music started when he was in secondary school. It was his habit in secondary school to rap to classmates during break periods and ‘freestyle’ about things happening around them.

According to him ‘At the tender age of 9, he began battling any rapper on the streets till he et Snow Man who brought him to limelight. Deriving inspiration from the streets he has battled and won over 24 rap battles in Port Harcourt, Benin and Warri.

He started out with the dream of becoming a professional basket ball player having played Delta State Basketball Team and also in the Milo Basketball Championship for secondary schools. He is currently under the signage of Heavy Weight Emergence record label owner SNOWMAN CEO of NEW MONEY ENTERTAINMENT alongside Sean Tero.

His inspirations are rap icons like Big Daddy Kane (BDK), Jay Z, Eminem, Jarule and Nas.


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