Nigerian Musician, Evangelist Bora Are


bola are

Who is Evangelist Bola Are?

Nigerian Musician, Bola Are, is an yoruba inspirational gospel singer. She was born in Ekiti State Nigeria and has over 63 albums to her credit. The album, ‘Baba Ku’se’, shot her into the limelight in 1977, four years after she established her band.

Bola Are started singing as  child. The veteran gospel singer who hails from Ondo State once said “ I was born with music and everyone in my family knew I was going to be a singer and evangelist. In fact, my birth and career had been prophesied by Apostle Babalola, so no one was surprised that I started singing as early as when I was a child. This is because God created me mainly to speak to the people through music.”

Bola  is a member of the Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria ( GOMAN), which she led for over five years. During her tenure, she registered the association with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and opened an account in the name of the association. During GOMAN’s  inauguration, the governor of Ekiti state at the time, Governor Segun Oni, gave GOMAN N1000,000 and Bola created chapters in the north, south and other zones. GOMAN, flourished during Bola’s tenure.

What is her Mission:

Foremost singer and clergy, Evangelist Bola Are has said that her mission in life is to praise God, using the Yoruba culture and language as carrier of message. She believes that gospel music is a calling. The music diva who was among the few artistes who pioneered the gospel genre in Nigeria .  When asked about her music, Bola Are once said  “In my own music, I do not sing praises about people, but I only praise God. Those who are not called know themselves and have refused to join GOMAN. But not all gospel musicians are doing the wrong things. There are some who sing or protect the image of God through their music,


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