Nigerian Musician, Olamide


Olamide Nigerian musician

Who is Olamide?

Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Davido, was born on March 15 1989 and fell in love with music as early his primary school days. Soon, he discovered he also had the talent to Rap and began to nurture that talent in the year 2000. Since then he has featured on songs like “Im grateful” by Maiojoe, “Take me there” by Jahbless and he has dropped some nostalgic lines on the collaborative track between him, Zara, and Adol called “Naija Hail”.

Olamide is a nigerian rapper, song writer and entertainer who has performed live on big stages all over Nigeria and he is most definitely a street favorite. It is safe to say, the streets love him and he loves them back. His music is gaining serious mass appeal and his rap style is being enjoyed by many.
Olamide has cited his musically influences as Jay-Z, Ludacris, Birdman, and Lil Wayne

Olamide’s Mission:

Olamide once said “I am here to preach realness generally and make the youths believe in whatever they do and what little they have because with God everything is possible”. Olamide is unique in the Nigerian music scene in that he sings in pidgin english and yoruba. He has named Dagrin as one of his major influence.
Olamide’s Debut Album RapSoDi is a street favourite. The nigerian rapper is popularly known as BADOO.


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