Jul 052013

world expensive wine

Alexander Amosu recently created the world’s most expensive champagne called Taste of Diamonds, valued at 1.2million pounds, which is the equivalent of 300 million Naira. ( Read it here  if you missed  the post) Don Jazzy  was the first to receive a free bottle of this N300million Goûtdediamants champagne from luxury designer, Alexander Amosu, now Peter Okoye has his own complimentary Taste of Luxury. He has just received one. See tweets.

peter okoye receive wine

peter okoye receive wine 2

peter okoye receive wine 3

I would like to know what you guys think? Please share your thoughts.  Do you think this this champagne is really N300 million Naira, and the owner is giving it away FREE just like that?



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