Aug 202012

Rihanna, the 24 year old six times Grammy award winner, has admitted in a candid interview with Oprah Winfrey on her TV show that  she still loves ex-boyfriend Chris Brown three years after their violent relationship.After re-counting the events of where and how their relationship went wrong, a tearful and emotional Rihanna said to the TV host  ” ‘I think he is the love of my life. He was my first love.’

The singer admitted that they have been working on their friendship again since February 2011when the court  restraining order was dropped against Chris Brown in February 2011.

‘I have to move on,’ she said. ‘I have forgiven him. It took me a long time. I was angry for a long time.’

But that reconciliation comes with the desire to know her ex has also healed since their breakup.

‘I truly love him, so the main thing for me is that he’s at peace… I care. It actually matters [to me] that he finds that peace,’ she said.

So what do you guys think? Show  they come together again? please watch an excerpt of the interview below that was aired on the OWN network, Courtesy of TMZ.



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  3 Responses to “Rihanna Admits She Still loves ‘Ex-Boy Friend’ Chris Brown”

  1. love is a strong thing sha

  2. yea. I kind of understand how she feels. but don’t think she should be saying that publicly knowing chris is in a relationship. i feel sorry for her though. @Maureen you right sha

  3. Sure.if u still love him then go 4 it girl.ur happiness is wat matters.

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