Jul 082013

Asian-Airline-crash san francisco

A a Boeing 777 has crashed in San Francisco Airport.  According to SkyNews The pilot who was flying a Boeing 777 when it crashed in San Francisco had just 43 hours’ experience flying the plane, aviation officials have said.

Two teenagers were killed and around 180 people were injured, many of them seriously, when Asiana Airlines flight 214 slammed into runway. Air crash investigators say the crew tried to abort the landing less than two seconds before impact. Although the captain had spent nearly 10,000 hours at the controls of other planes, he had never landed at San Francisco before. He was sitting alongside another pilot who had flown 3,200 hours in 777s and around 12,000 hours in total.

Asiana Airlines chief executive Yoon Young-Doo said the plane was purchased in March 2006 and that it has no engine or mechanical faults.

plane crash san francisco

Meanwhile, officials are looking at whether one of the two teenagers killed in the crash was run over by a rescue vehicle. It is not clear whether she died during the crash or whether she was knocked down as emergency crews rushed to the scene. The two Teenagers that lost their lives are Wang Linjia and Ye Mengyuan, both chinese citizens  (Picture below). May their souls rest in peace.

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