Aug 202012


Lagos – Unbeknownst to many Nigerians, international fashion designer, Mr Tommy Hilfiger, recently visited Nigeria on a fact finding mission, but returned to America crying.

Sources reveal that Mr Hilfiger’s company had not paid Nigeria much notice in the past, but when a lot of Nigerians began to ‘like’ the brand’s Facebook fan page, someone within the company wrote a memo questioning the rationale behind ignoring a nation of 150,000,000 Africans, and many, many, rich yahoo-yahoo boys with a penchant for designer clothing.

Thus the stage was set for the American clothier to embark on a secret tour of Nigeria.

According to the source who spoke to via Blackberry messenger, for his trip to Nigeria, Mr Hilfiger disguised himself by wearing Lacoste clothes and posing as a visiting Journalist.

His plan was to learn more about the great Nation Nigeria, and to determine how best to penetrate the yet unexploited market.

Things however turned soar when on arriving at Murtala International Airport Mr Hilfiger was greeted by touts wearing polo shirts with the Hilfiger crest.

Not only did Mr Hilfiger not remember ever designing some of the clothes bearing his brand’s logo, he was also perplexed to learn that he had a line of African-themed apparels he knew nothing about.

His confusion was compounded when on checking in to his hotel, he discovered Ankara Tommy Hilfiger bedspreads and matching pillowcases.

The shock of discovering a thriving business that dealt in merchandise bearing his name is said to have irked him up to the point of revealing his identity.

Mr Hilfiger took his grievances to the Bar Beach police station where an off duty constable sporting a Hilfiger Kaftan offered to take him to Balogun market where ‘Tommy wears’ are sold.

A men’s outfit retailer who insisted he did not understand how one oyinbo can just show up in his shop and start claiming that the shirts on sale were fake, reportedly offered to make a Mr Hilfiger a tailor made original Hilfiger suit. He even asked him where he wanted the crest to be.

It was at this point that Mr Hilfiger broke down in tears and began to wail in the middle of Balogun market.

The designer has since returned to America and is said to be in therapy.

We tracked down the Balogun trader, Mr Chucks, proprietor of Inamix Designer Wears, and he said:

“You mean that yeye man that come here come dey sing, fake, fake? Nor mind him. Na so our sun dey affect some oyinbo. You know say dem nor get sun for dem own land.”

We challenged Chucks on the authenticity of his stock and he told us:

“Look, if true true, that man is the designer they call Tommy Hilfiger, why him dey vex? Nor be help we dey help am to popular his name? In fact ehn, he should go and siddon for one place. Some of this designs I have here in my shop are even better than his owns. And in fact, Shebi his name is Hilfiger? See this find shirt I’m wearing, if you look at the label, na HILIFGINGER, not HILFIGER, so why him dey complain?”

( Today’s Joke was culled from.wazobiareport.)


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  1. This is so funny…

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