Oct 172012

After the first debate, Everyone was talking pretty much about how Mitt gave President Obama a knock-out punch.  The question now on everyone’s lips is ”who won this second debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney?’. I must confess that last night twitter was on fire. Watch the video below and share your views. I think Obama performed way better than he did on the first debate!

Here are some tweets after the debate from various unbiased sources:-

CBS’ Mark Knoller: ” “Both candidates scored points against one another, but it appeared Romney’s cuts at the pres drew more political blood.”

CBS’ Mark Knoller:  ”Romney took a good number of hits, but as the challenger, they didn’t appear to have the same impact as his swipes at Pres Obama.”

Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith: “Romney did again, come away looking like a guy who could be President, which is probably the most important thing.”

CNN’s David Gergen: “I think that Mitt Romney has had two very good debates back to back. I think a solid performance tonight, and I think overall, he looked like he could be president more than two weeks ago.”

CBS’ John Dickerson: “Governor Romney Showed That The First Debate Wasn’t A Fluke. He Came Back Hard At The President, He Stood Toe To Toe.”


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