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YQ is a Nigerian musician, artsit, and singer. Hailing from the center of the country, the confluence of two great rivers, it is no surprise that YQ himself is the meeting place of different music genres. Dominant in his sound are R&B, reggae and soul. He blends them all smoothly, before adding a pinch of Yoruba flavor.

YQ has been called the hook master, and with good reason. His collaborations with MI, Mode9, 2shotz, Naeto C and a host of others. Partners, rivals, fans, media and record labels swoon over this young talent. But the singer has not always been so celebrated. It took many years to make this diamond shine. Born Yakub Jubril, YQ knew earlier that he’d grow up to be fulfilled. A gift he became aware of in the mid-nineties. For about ten years, he honed his craft behind closed doors. The second of seven children, music was first and foremost, his way of dealing with his feelings.

In 2003, he formed the group Q-Krest with his partner Krest-up. They released a musical video for their song ”Fire Dance,” which got rave reviews and earned them performances at the Play Safe Rave by Tequila Events in 2003 and The Coca-Cola Show (Q-Krest opened for Ivorian sensation Magic System). In 2004, the duo performed together one last time at the Tetnisik, before deciding to go their separate ways.

Musically, He lists Bob Marley; R. Kelly, 2Face and Born Jamericans as major influences. YQ paid his dues, bouncing from one label to the next, in search of his big break. It wasn’t long before he got signed by 2Koncepts Entertainment, after he did E fi mi le with the late DaGrin. MK of Two Concepts
Following the advice of artist Benny Willis, YQ who was known for his rhymes turned to singing, revealing an even bigger gift. His career grew from strength to strength as he worked on songs, old and new, with Durella, Marvellous Benjy, Buzzman, Dagrin and former partner Krest-up, enlisting the production magic of Dr. Frabz, Sossick, Terry G and Sarz. The result is highly anticipated and newly released album, I am YQ.


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